KAIAOLA means ecosystem in Hawaiian.

Hawaiians have respected and cherished the land since antiquity across the Pacific.

KaiaOla follow the faith of Hawaiian this shore.

Fragrant . Clean . Green

“You gotta dance as long as the music plays.” - Haruki Murakami

KaiaOla is being with you.

Fragrant dance for yourself,
Clean dance for family,
Green dance for the land.

The great circle of life.


KaiaOla is a brand of household cleaning and skin cleaning products. We use the natural essential oil from a centennial company from French, and the ingredients which are low-irritating, non-toxic and biodegradable. To approach the goal of not destroying the environment and  reducing the loading on the ecological environment. Let’s green dance for the land!

KaiaOla - the care products of environment.

Fragrances Certified by IFRA

KaiaOla's entire series of products choose fair-trade essential oil which have certificate of origin and purchased at reasonable prices. It can improve livelihoods of disadvantaged farmers or workers, promote gender equality, protect the right to education and growth of children. Meanwhile, fragrances certified by IFRA and have reports of allergen are used, their top, middle and base note would create a high-quality home atmosphere.

Love Family

The contents of KaiaOla products are derived from natural plants, caustic soda, sea salt, etc., and contains natural moisturizing factors, which are not easy to irritate or hurt hands. We insist on selecting safe and effective antibacterial ingredients to create a comfortable home environment for the family and protect the health and safety of the family.

Love the Environment

Recyclable, single-material package is used in the packaging to make the concept of cradle-to-cradle happen!


Inhibit Bacteria

The essential oil extracted from natural Italian lemon and added cymen, also known as thymol, is an effective antibacterial ingredient and can block a variety of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and some viruses.


The additives in all products are low skin irritation and non-toxic ingredients and contain natural moisturizing factors such as sodium lactate, which cares for the hands.


95% of the ingredients are biodegradable. All products can be directly flow into the sewage system, without causing bioaccumulation, to maintain river and environment.


It is free of formaldehyde, methanol, heavy metals, environmental hormones and other harmful factors, so it can be used safely by children, breastfeeding women and pets.


The product uses plant interface agents certified by the European Union ECOCERT to create safer and more environmentally friendly home supplies for users.

KaiaOla All Purpose Cleaner/Various dirt, treat with one kind of detergent!

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