Dish Soap (Herbal Citrus)

• Surfactant agents are certified by the European Union ECOCERT.

• Natural essential oil extracted from natural Italian lemon are used.

• Suitable for the removal of dirt on cutlery and kitchen utensils.

• All ingredients are biodegradable, it won’t cause accumulation of contamination.

• Tested by SGS, free of fluorescent brightener, endocrine disrupting chemical (EDC), methanol, heavy metals, and formaldehyde.

NTD 380

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The additives in all products are low skin irritation and non-toxic ingredients and contain natural moisturizing factors such as sodium lactate, which cares for the hands.


95% of the ingredients are biodegradable. All products can be directly flow into the sewage system, without causing bioaccumulation, to maintain river and environment.


It is free of formaldehyde, methanol, heavy metals, environmental hormones and other harmful factors, so it can be used safely by children, breastfeeding women and pets.


The product uses plant interface agents certified by the European Union ECOCERT to create safer and more environmentally friendly home supplies for users.

Herbal Citrus Fragrance

The top note is the fresh scent of tropical ocean brought by natural lemon essential oil, and then the warm and comfortable scent of herbal plants, and finally with a soft amber musk woody note. It can remove the odor of food on the hands and give a brand-new experience.

Gentle Clean

Adding the essential oil extracted from Italian lemon and natural moisturizing factor as sodium lactate, it is low- irritating and will not cause dry hands by using directly.
All ingredients are biodegradable, it won’t pollute the sewer system and make accumulation of contamination.


The product use the compound surfactants extracted from plants, which certified by the European Union ECOCERT, and the essential oil from Italian lemon. It could be used for remove grease and smell, non-toxic, easy to wash out. After using KaiaOla dish soap, the dishes will be clean and shinning!



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