Hand Clean Gift Box

• Surfactant agents are certified by ECOCERT.

• Hand Sanitizer Mousse is alcohol free, but IPMP (anti-bacterial intergradient) instead.

• Low-irritating ingredients and natural moisturizing factors are used, it could keep 100% moisture.

• All ingredients are biodegradable.

NTD 925

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Application of Hand Soap

Adding natural moisturizing factor as sodium lactate and glycerin, and compound surfactants extracted from plants, which certified by the European Union ECOCERT. It is low- irritating, but clean hands effectively, bring a refreshing feeling and won’t cause dry hands.

Application of Hand Sanitizer Mousse

Alcohol free! Adding IPMP , as antibacterial ingredient which announced by Ministry of Health and Welfare, is an effective antibacterial ingredient and can block a variety of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and some viruses. In addition, the unique Japanese patent fatty acid polymer glyceride, which can be used for food addition, has antibacterial and moisturizing functions, which is safe and effective.

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