Laundry Detergent (Fougere Boost)

• Surfactant agents are certified by the European Union ECOCERT.

• Using active oxygen for sterilization and deodorization, bringing you the smell of sunshine.

• Efficient cleaning ingredients, thoroughly remove the stubborn grease and protein dirt in the fiber.

• Color protection factor prevents dirt from sticking back, without bleaching agent and fluorescent whitening agent.

• All ingredients are biodegradable, it won’t cause accumulation of contamination.

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95% of the ingredients are biodegradable. All products can be directly flow into the sewage system, without causing bioaccumulation, to maintain river and environment.


The product uses plant interface agents certified by the European Union ECOCERT to create safer and more environmentally friendly home supplies for users.

Warm Fougere Fragrance

Bright bergamot and spicy black pepper intensify the breath from the earth. Moss, sandalwood and amber are intertwined to form a warm, clean and pure sunny smell.

Active Oxygen Sterilization

The powerful oxygen formula is used to completely sterilize and deodorize, whether it is in rainy days or indoors, it can bring a good smell in sunny days.

*It's a normal phenomenon if fizzing when opening.

Efficient Cleaning

The high-efficiency cleaning ingredients take away the stubborn grease and protein stains in the fiber, while preventing the stains from sticking back, keeping the clothes color and soft, and preventing the clothes from turning yellow. All ingredients are biodegradable, without bleach and fluorescent whitening agent, won’t pollute the sewer system and make accumulation of contamination.



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