Vegetable & Bottle Clean Mousse

• Japanese patented surfactant effectively sterilizes.

• Using 5 in 1 enzymes, easy to decontaminate, no pesticide residue.

• Litchiderm extract are used, moisturize your hands.

• The ingredients are biodegradable, it won’t cause accumulation of contamination.

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The additives in all products are low skin irritation and non-toxic ingredients and contain natural moisturizing factors such as sodium lactate, which cares for the hands.


95% of the ingredients are biodegradable. All products can be directly flow into the sewage system, without causing bioaccumulation, to maintain river and environment.


The product uses plant interface agents certified by the European Union ECOCERT to create safer and more environmentally friendly home supplies for users.

Litchiderm Extract

Adding functional litchiderm extract can protect the skin, resist dryness and increase skin water retention, and contain vitamin E to capture free radicals to fight skin oxidation, providing a full range of skin health, through a bright and vibrant complexion.

Gentle Clean

Using 5 in 1 enzymes, the effect of removing grease, protein, and starch stains is upgraded. In addition, the unique Japanese patent fatty acid polymer glyceride, which can be used for food addition, has antibacterial and moisturizing functions, which is safe and effective.


Using 5 in 1 enzyme, it can be used to clean fruits and vegetables, baby bottles and children's tableware. Pesticides, grease, milk dirt are easy to clean without leaving any residue. All ingredients are biodegradable, it won’t pollute the sewer system and make accumulation of contamination.

Fruit & Vegetable

Bottle & Tableware of Children

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